Senior Front-End Engineer


LiveFlow helps companies pipe and organise all financial data into a single source of truth. Finance Teams have lived in Excel manually aggregating data for the past 30 years, and it is our time to change it. LiveFlow is founded by a team of ex-Revolut employees who worked together to help take Revolut to a $5.5B company. LiveFlow is backed by top-investors like Y Combinator and Seedcamp and was recently featured as the 3rd Product of The Day on Product Hunt.


  • Build the infrastructure to reshape Finance: Finance Teams have lived in Excel for the past 30 years. The industry is on the brink of a significant change that you can bring yourself. You will solve problems that will shape the future of the finance industry many years ahead.
  • Work with the best: Our people are the most important thing to get right. You will work with the top talents in the tech industry. People that will teach you things you never knew about, and vice versa.
  • Build, iterate, learn, progress: We thrive in progress, and progress can also mean changing functions. Just because you join as a software engineer does not mean you can’t become our Head of Sales or vice versa. This is an extreme example, but you get the point. We help you to take your career journey wherever you want it to go.
  • Make decisions and own what you do: Everyone at LiveFlow acts as a Mini-CEO of their field. We can provide context, but you make the final decision.
  • Work globally: We are happy to relocate you to most places in the world. You should experience the world! 


  • You will be amongst first Front-End Engineers in the team, so you will play a vital role in how we think about our engineering decisions.
  • You will join before we have publicly launched the product and found product-market fit, so you will not just write code, but also influence our product roadmap a lot.
  • You will work directly with our founding team and not only influence engineering decisions, but also play a vital role in how we build the company and the organization.
  • You will be part of the company when things are still quite messy, not all processes are set up and we have the ability to move extremely fast.


  • Problems related to aggressive client-side caching, service workers, and other techniques to ensure a snappy experience
  • Build a Spreadsheet like an experience that supports formulas, functions, and all the familiar Spreadsheet functionality and make it 10x better
  • Build a high-speed app that synchronizes in real-time and gives customers a real-time collaboration experience
  • Build a top-notch developer experience. Our builds are quick, code is reused and tests are in place.
  • Problems related to complex UIs with a lot of client-side state


You will love this role if:

  • You love building products from 0 to 1
  • You love to be a part of startups where everything is not defined yet
  • You love to work really closely with customers to figure out their pains
  • You love the iterative process of finding product-market fit
  • You love to work in small, execution-driven, and fast-moving small teams


  • Deep experience in React and Typescript
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience collaborating on software projects with Product Owners and other stakeholders
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in small teams at high speed
  • Being empathetic and attentive to what customers say
  • 2-3+ years at another high-growth tech start-up


  • You have worked in a platform-related team. And you know the JavaScript ecosystem tooling well.
  • You have worked as a Backend Engineer or a Product Designer so you're more versatile than others.
  • You have previously been a part of the process of taking a company from 0-1 and you love the process of finding product-market fit.
  • You have tried to launch your own company before. It’s totally fine if it failed.
  • You have a track record of being a top-performer (I.e top-grades, performed sports at a high-level or similar)


  • To be one of the first employees at LiveFlow and not only help shape the product but shape the whole organization and build it into a billion-dollar company
  • The opportunity to build world-class products to help millions of companies make their financial decisions better
  • A generous stock option package
  • The ability to learn from the best people from the tech industry

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