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Shape your own role as a function of your talent, your passion, and your ambition. Work smart, bring your own perspective, and ask deep questions about what we do and how we do it. Play a vital role in how we foster an inspiring culture, and in how we scale the organization in the coming years.

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About LiveFlow

We founded LiveFlow to help people all around the world build better businesses, by automating their tedious, time-consuming, and manual financial workflows, so they can spend more time growing their businesses.

5,385,721 new business applications were created in the US in 2021 - That’s 14,755 per day, and there are over 400,000,000 small- and medium-sized businesses in the world today - a number only expected to grow.

The problem is that many give up on their dreams because of financial inefficiencies and lack of proper financial control.

That’s where we (and maybe you!) come in.

We are here to help both the small local shop to ensure they always have cash on hand, to help finance teams and accountants automate their workflows, and help the large enterprise streamline their financial workflows and make finance collaborative.

We are backed by top-tier investors like Y Combinator, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google) and more - We were also featured as the top product on Product Hunt.

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Our principles

1. Deliver outstanding customer service

There’s almost only one thing that we are willing to drop everything in our hands for at all times. That’s customers, and providing outstanding customer service. Customer service is and will continue to be, one of our most important areas of the business. If not the most important.

2. Take responsibility

Everything is everyone's responsibility. We don't put people in boxes. We don't say "that's not my job to do that". If you see something that needs to be improved, changed, or fixed, you have a duty to address it. It's unacceptable to limit our concerns to the remit of our roles. Just because it’s not your fault doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility.

3. Be humble

We don't expect you to know everything. Ask questions and ask for help. Seek advice from other people.We let go of ego's and we optimize for what's right for the business, not what's right for us individually. We discuss our setbacks openly so we all can learn. Hiding or neglecting setbacks is unacceptable.

4. Focus on questions, rather than answers

"What will make people signup for LiveFlow" and "What will make people sign up for LiveFlow right here, right now?" - Two very similar questions that can yield a very different answer. Asking the right question is more important than having the right answer.

5. There is less competition in the impossible

It takes 24 hours a day to build a small business, and it takes 24 hours a day to build a big business. We do the latter.

6. Hiring & Building Teams

We believe that great people can be found at all seniority levels and from all backgrounds. We build small, efficient, and high-performing teams rather than large and slow teams.