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Join us to help reshape finance

🌍 About LiveFlow

Empowering people to build their own financial platforms for better efficiency and clarity is what LiveFlow about. We’re doing it by hauling Excel and the spreadsheets entrepreneurs have used for decades, into this new world of transparency and collaboration.

We help local businesses to understand their finances while providing the tools to make sure they always have cash on hand. For hyper-growth startups, we help to expand access to financial information across the entire organization, all with the aim of better decision making.

Here’s where you come in. We need smart, humble, passionate, and hard-working people to help us grow this business, so that we can help others grow theirs.

LiveFlow is backed by Y Combinator and Seedcamp and was recently featured as the top product on Product Hunt.

⏳ Breaking old habits, building the future

We’re excited about LiveFlow and the positive impact we can make, but the challenges are almost as great as the opportunities. Here’s what we’re up against.

  • Stirring up the old-school finance industry: Finance across almost every industry has relied on Excel for the past 30 years, and while Excel has served us well, it hasn’t changed all that much. It’s now easier than ever to start a business, and with increased global collaboration comes the need for more flexible, more versatile, more collaborative financial management tools. We have to innovate faster than industries move.

  • Creating cultural change: Financial transparency is pretty rare within companies, especially larger ones. It’s usually only the finance team and the top brass who have a clear overview of what’s going on. But openness and transparency for all employees gives context, breaks down barriers, and builds trust — all of which can be channelled into growth.

  • Real-time collaboration: Our goal is to create financial software that can be used by the whole company, not just the tech-savvy finance team. In order to be able to scale to millions of customers, we need a solid infrastructure that can handle millions of concurrent users who send and request information at the same time, and all of this needs to happen in real time.

  • Strengthening data security: Customers trust us with some of their most sensitive financial data. We have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that their data is handled securely, and that we are compliant with all local data security requirements. No easy task wherever global collaboration is concerned.

  • Building a 10/10 UI and customer experience: To enable anyone to create their own financial applications and workflows, we need to design all of our products so that they are fast, and easy to learn, regardless of experience. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that people enjoy using on a daily basis, that’s the goal.

  • Creating a new language: There are still plenty of mathematical operators that can help finance teams to become more efficient (=Grossmargin, =Runway, =EBITDA, etc.). However, there is a big challenge in (1) building these; (2) educating customers on how they work and getting them adopted; and (3) building them so that they can cooperate with existing functions (e.g., so that you can include them in IF/AND/OR operators).

Let’s get ready to go to work.

🚀 More reasons to work at LiveFlow

Working at LiveFlow is about making it easier and more efficient for businesses to run their finances. The challenges are large and complex, but the rewards are real. You will:

  • Build the infrastructure that reshapes finance for millions: Help us to solve the challenges faced by businesses big and small, as they grow in this fast-moving, quickly-changing world.

  • Work with humble, hard-working and smart people: Join some of the brightest and most friendly people in tech. You’ll learn a lot, and hopefully share some of your own experiences.

  • Build, iterate, learn, and progress: You might join as a software engineer and decide that you’d like to transition into sales. We won’t place any limitations on what you can achieve here.

  • Make decisions and own what you do: Simply put, we take ownership of what we do here. You’ll get the support and context that you need, and the freedom to make your own decisions.

  • Work globally: We’re happy to relocate you to most places in the world. Wherever you do your best work, that’s where you should be.

Are you ready to join us and start building?

🙌 Which Type of People Fit Our Culture Well?

You are entrepreneurial and innovative

You take initiative, you lead projects, you go first, you take risks, you experiment. You innovate, you find new solutions to existing problems, you think outside the box.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with taking the initiative, leading things that you haven’t tried before and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you dare to take large amounts of risk and face ambiguity?
  • Are you dreaming about working for an early-stage startup or want to start a company yourself?

You are humble

You let go of your ego and you want feedback.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with your weaknesses and interested in developing yourself?
  • Are you OK not to be right, but just want the best outcome?

You are hungry

You constantly want to improve, you want your colleagues to improve, you want to achieve the best.

Good questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you extremely ambitious and don’t settle for mediocrity?

You are a constant learner

You are eager to learn, eager to get feedback, you are curious about the world, you learn new things in your free time.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you generally curious about the world and how things work?
  • Are you able to learn things quicker than others?

You want your peers to succeed

You don’t just focus on your own development. You help colleagues improve, succeed and thrive.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you able to put others before yourself?
  • Can you help others succeed and coach other people?

You think big and inspire

You have a bold vision for what you do, you think way bigger than an average person, you inspire others to take action.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Do you frequently come up with ideas that may never have been thought of before?
  • Can you inspire and lead others to take action?

You hire great people

You only hire and retain the best people. You hire people smarter than yourself and you are comfortable with it. You push the bar for talent.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with hiring people who are more senior and smarter than yourself?
  • Can you sell our vision to top candidates?

You sell

You sell our products and services, you sell your ideas internally, you sell LiveFlow all the time.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you generally passionate about what you are doing, and can you sell that to people?
  • If someone rejects you multiple times, do you have the persistence and belief to try again and again?

What other people say about working with us:

I was always impressed with Anita and Lasse’s eagerness to learn, ask good questions, and lead projects at Revolut.

Don Hoang Don Hoang, VP of Global Business at Revolut & Former Director of Business at Uber

Lasse and Anita will teach you the start-up toolkit — how to get things done fast and with limited resources. If you’re hoping to one day start your own successful tech venture, there will be no better mentors than Lasse and Anita!

Philip Sorensen Chief of Staff at Nova Credit

Expect 150% dedication, passion and grit when working with Anita and Lasse. All whilst being in great company.

Georges Nilles Head of Growth France and Benelux at Revolut

Our Office

We work on site and remotely. Also, we have a fantastic office space in London, come join us!

LiveFlow is backed by top-investors like Y Combinator and Seedcamp and was recently featured as the 3rd Product of The Day on Product Hunt. With strong backing and experience in the sector, LiveFlow’s future as one of the top financial technology startups in London looks bright.

TechMagic Top 9 FinTech London Startups & Scaleups Founded in 2021

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