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🌍 About LiveFlow

LiveFlow helps companies pipe and organise all financial data into a single source of truth. Finance Teams have lived in Excel manually aggregating data for the past 30 years, and it is our time to change it. LiveFlow is founded by a team of ex-Revolut employees who worked together to help take Revolut to a $5.5B company. LiveFlow is backed by top-investors like Y Combinator and Seedcamp and was recently featured as the 3rd Product of The Day on Product Hunt.

⏳ The Challenges You Will Be Solving

Stirring up the old school finance industry
Finance teams have lived in Excel for the past 30 years, and whilst Excel is a fantastic tool, not much has changed. It’s getting easier and easier to start a business, and tech startups are popping out everywhere, so the need for modern Financial Management tools is increasing faster than we can keep up with the market. We need to solve problems at lighting speed.


Making tiny product-details 10x better
Every finance manager has their way of setting up their budgets, customizing colours, or putting it all together. Small tiny product details matter a lot for the end customer experience. Getting those right requires a lot of deep thinking and analysis.

Making finance collaborative
Finance teams have historically been isolated and siloed inside organizations. Finance teams should be a strategic driver to move the business forward, not just a place you go when you need reimbursement on your expenses. The next generation of CFOs will act as a collaborative hub that works with the whole organization to drive the financials forward. Currently, very few companies have solved finance collaboration well - we need to change and improve that.


Creating cultural change
Financial transparency is still uncommon inside companies. Netflix has proven to the world that financial openness and transparency is possible, even in large corporations. We are not building just another FP&A tool; we are up against helping companies create cultural change in the way finance teams think about sharing financial information more open. This is not an easy thing to do.

🚀 Why work at LiveFlow?

Build the infrastructure to reshape finance
Finance Teams have lived in Excel for the past 30 years. The industry is on the brink of a significant change that you can bring yourself. You will solve problems that will shape the future of the finance industry many years ahead.


Work with the best
You will work with top talents in the tech industry. People that will teach you things you never knew about, and vice versa.


Build, iterate, learn, progress
We thrive in progress, and progress can also mean changing functions. Just because you join as a software engineer does not mean you can’t become our Head of Sales or vice versa. This is an extreme example, but you get the point. We help you to take your career journey wherever you want it to go.


Make decisions and own what you do
Everyone at LiveFlow acts as a Mini-CEO of their field. We can provide context, but you make the final decision.


Work globally
We are happy to relocate you to most places in the world. You should experience the world!

Our achievements

We achieved a lot in a short period of time and will continue to do so

Dec 20: Accepted into Y-Combinator

We were accepted to the Y-Combinator's Winter 21 batch and raised $125,000. 

Dec 20: Raised from Seedcamp

We raised $330,000 from Seedcamp, which is one of the best European Seed funds. 

Feb 21: First Launch

We launched our first private beta version of LiveFlow and started testing it with selected customers. 

Feb 21: Featured as the 3rd Product of The Day on Product Hunt

We launched on Product Hunt and were featured as the 3rd Product of The Day, and received over 600+ upvotes

Feb 21: First customers

We closed our first large customers, like Nova Credit, Gorgias and Suzy

Mar 21: Graduated from YCs W21 Batch

In March 2021, we completed the our YC program, which was an amazing experience and has helped shaped LiveFlow many years ahead. 

🙌 Our Culture

To help you better understand our culture and how we operate, we have written down our key principles below.

You are entrepreneurial 
You take initiative, you lead projects, you go first, you take risks, you experiment. You innovate, you find new solutions to existing problems, you think outside the box.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with taking initiative, leading things that you haven’t tried before and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you comfortable with taking large amounts of risk, facing ambiguity and a lot of uncertainty?
  • Are you dreaming about working for an early-stage startup or want to start a company yourself?


You are humble
You let go of your ego and you want feedback.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with your weaknesses and interested in developing yourself?
  • Are you OK with not always to be right, but just want the best outcome?


You are hungry
You constantly want to improve, you want your colleagues to improve, you want to achieve the best.

Good questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you extremely ambitious and don’t settle for the mediocre?

You are constantly learning
You are eager to learn, eager to get feedback, you are curious about the world, you learn new things in your free time.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you generally curious about the world and how things work?
  • Are you able to learn things quicker than others?

You want your peers to succeed
You don’t just focus on your own development. You help colleagues improve, succeed and thrive.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you able to put others before yourself? Can you sacrifice personal growth for the benefit of others?
  • Can you help others succeed and coach other people?


You have exceptionally high standards
You have incredibly high standards for everything you do. You push others to increase their standards and encourage others to help you increase your standards so we all get better.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Can you set an extremely high standard for everything you do?
  • Can you get other people to increase their standards?
  • Are you comfortable having other people expecting you to constantly increase your standards and pushing you to do so?


You think big and inspire
You have a bold vision for what you do, you think way bigger than the average person, you inspire others to take action.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Can you solve tough problems by rethinking what's possible?
  • Can you inspire and lead others to take action?


You hire people better than yourself
You only hire and retain the best people. You hire people smarter than yourself and you are comfortable with it. You push the bar for talent.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you comfortable with hiring people who are more senior and smarter than yourself?
  • Can you sell our vision to top candidates?

You sell
You sell our products and services, you sell our vision to future candidates, you sell your ideas internally, you sell LiveFlow all the time.

Good questions to ask yourself

  • Are you generally passionate about what you are doing, and can you sell that to people?
  • If someone rejects you multiple times, do you have the persistence and belief to try again and again?

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